Good for business. Good for the Community.

United Cerebral Palsy of Arkansas is a statewide non-profit organization that has served children and adults with developmental disabilities since 1957. In reality, 65% of the people UCP serves have a disability other than cerebral palsy.

UCP/Arkansas is always looking for ways to provide much-needed services for its constituents with less reliance on government funding. So it developed an entrepreneurial business division. Gone for Good Shredding is one of those enterprises, created to contribute funding for UCP’s programs and, simultaneously, provide employment for its constituents. The workers at our plant site are UCP constituents who are supervised by professional managers.

Don’t be misled by our non-profit status. Rest assured, our best-in-class security standards have passed muster with the most surprising and demanding customers! Ask for customer referrals, and see for yourself. All our document destruction is Gone for Good!

Document Destruction

Peace of mind every time with our rigorous security and certifications, which means less risk and liability exposure for you and your customers

Electronic Media Destruction

Protects the privacy of your company and your customers, while avoiding fines — or worse. This service includes hard drives, micro media and non-printed media.

One-time Purge

A quick, easy way to clean out office clutter.

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