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Erasing Data is Not Always Enough

The information businesses store on hard drives and other electronic devices is a major security risk if not properly disposed of. The best way to avoid a security breach and reduce liability is to use a hard drive destruction service when upgrading to new hardware. This will ensure confidential and highly sensitive data like emails, invoices, budgetary numbers, and other sensitive digital documentation is not compromised.

Just because data has been erased from an old hard drive, it does not mean it is free from theft. Erased data can still be accessed by cybercriminals that know how to recover erased data. The only way to ensure sensitive electronic information cannot be accessed is to use secure hard drive destruction.

Mobile Onsite and Facility-Based Hard Drive Destruction

Gone for Good offers both mobile and facility-based hard drive shredding services pricing may vary. We come to your location and securely destroy your unwanted hard drives and other electronic media onsite. You can see the process in action, and once completed, we’ll provide you with a certificate of destruction showing the date and time of the hard drive shredding, so you’re covered.

What Kind of Electronic Media Should be Securely Destroyed?

Besides computer hard drives, you have other electronic media that needs secure destruction to stay in compliance. Company machines and fax machines also have hard drives that must be shredded. They store digital images of what has been scanned and can be recovered if not shredded. Other electronic media that should be destroyed includes:

  • Magnetic media
  • CDs
  • Tapes
  • SSDs
  • Floppy Disks
  • USBs
  • X-Rays

How Mobile Electronic Media Shredding Service Works

  • Step 1: Call us and schedule your date and time of service
  • Step 2: Our mobile hard drive shredding truck arrives and gets to work shredding up to 15 hard drives per minute.
  • Step 3: Certificate of destruction is provided for all electronic media destruction.
  • Step 4: Shredded materials are recycled

Benefits of Mobile Hard Drive Shredding Services

  • Free up office space
  • Reduce liability risk
  • Flexible scheduled pick-ups
  • Secure chain of custody at every touchpoint
  • Certificate of destruction


All electronic media is securely recycled

NAID AAA Certified

Get peace of mind knowing we provide the most secure closed chain-of-custody document destruction possible. NAID conducts scheduled and unscheduled audits for compliance. All drivers and reps undergo sensitive but unclassified background checks as we serve a number of federal agencies.

No Term Contracts

Many of our clients have switched to us after experiencing frustration with other shredding service providers. We listen to what our customers want, and that’s why we offer no term contracts, no hidden fees, and adjust as your needs change throughout the year. Each client will be provided with a service agreement that outlines the service they are receiving as well as the pricing.

Give Back to Your Community

Gone for Good is an independent, locally owned business that employs individuals with developmental disabilities in our community. Gone for Good is a 401C non-profit enterprise that operates under United Cerebral Palsy of Arkansas. All proceeds benefit and employ those with disabilities.

100% Recyclable

Everything we destroy is recycled. Because we pick up and destroy in our facility, we’re able to produce a 100% recyclable by-product. We provide you with a certificate of destruction and provide you with an Environmental Recycling Report each year that indicates the number of trees, water, oil, and electricity your business has saved.

Ready for a Superior Shredding Service Experience?

If you’re ready to work with a certified secure document destruction provider in Arkansas that provides no term contracts and scales with your needs, contact us today.

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