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Body Armor Ventilation Toronto Canada

Body Armor Ventilation Toronto Canada

Anyone wearing a bullet-resistant vest or armor knows the feeling of sweating and having to work with that sweaty undershirt. Body armor ventilation increases airflow on the inside of your existing bullet-resistant vest and allows moisture and heat to escape. It helps you feel less sweaty in hot and humid climates and after a long and arduous shift. 

This product is a must for law enforcement, security personnel, military, corrections, and any other professional that wears a bulletproof vest that does not already have a mesh barrier built inside. However, if you are searching for the best body armor ventilation solution, here are five things to consider. 

  1. Cost 

In many cases, your budget will be the deciding factor in the type of body armor ventilation you end up purchasing. Make sure to evaluate all the options within your budget range properly and consider whether investing higher than your budget would be worth it. Be sure to purchase wisely and wear it every single day.

  1. Comfort 

Another thing to keep in mind is that even though the body armor ventilation will not feel like a soft sweater, the product must be comfortable for longer periods of wear. The piece you choose to buy must fit snugly without feeling like it’s squeezing you too tightly. A loosely vest may initially feel more comfortable, but the level of this comfort diminished if it doesn’t fit properly. Therefore, look for one that suits you best.

  1. Weight 

The most significant improvement is that the latest body armor ventilation has become lighter and more comfortable to wear. Remember that the weight of the product you select will always affect your fatigue level. Pick armor ventilation designed for you. If you plan on wearing the vest for more extended periods, narrow your search to lighter armor ventilation.

  1. Mobility 

When the armor ventilation is too cumbersome or tight, it can restrict your range of movement; conversely, if too large, it can impair your movement on the field. Your armor Ventilation must allow an optimum level of movement, meaning you should not find it hard to rotate your torso or arms. During tactical situations, you must be able to react and move quickly. 

  1. Quality & Warranties

Check to see if the body armor ventilation you’re considering offers warranties because body armor is a significant investment; it is something you want to rely on for a long time. As a general trend, most companies offer a warranty on their product, which gives you peace of mind that if anything should happen to your gear, there is support out there to fix it.

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