Financial Data Provider

Financial Data Provider

When searching for an alternative financial data provider, it’s essential to find one with valuable data to aid in your decision-making. Data informs virtually everything, including your knowledge of emerging market trends and the generation of a great marketing strategy. At CloudQuant, we're a leading data company that provides alternative data ready for immediate use. As such, you'll be able to build your analytics model and understand your competitors, the market, and so much more. Rest assured, we'll deliver reliable data that you need to get to the next level.

Tips for Choosing a Data Provider

With the many data providers available, it can be challenging to identify the right firm that delivers trustworthy data. Below are tips to help you evaluate market data vendors.

Compare the Data Offered with Yours

Make sure you examine the data a potential vendor is providing with what you already have. This will help you gauge the validity of the data suppliers. Even if you’re new to alternative data, you should have some basic data about your customers, like the average number of walk-ins you get daily. Armed with such information, you can ask the vendor to provide foot traffic data then compare it with what you have. If the dataset has almost the same fluctuations in foot traffic, that shows the vendor can be trusted.

Get Referrals

Before you buy financial data, request to speak to a few clients of the potential vendor. That way, you'll be able to know if the data company supplies quality content. Talking to existing clients will also demonstrate the vendor's capabilities. Remember to ask how the data firm has helped the client’s business and their experience with the vendor. On the other hand, if the vendor doesn’t give you any contacts or tries to convince you it isn’t necessary, it’s advisable to look for another data provider.

Find Out if the Vendor Provides Education

The best vendor won't just supply you with data; they'll go a step further and teach you how to apply it. By doing so, your inhouse team will be able to analyze and interpret it, ensuring you maximize the value of the data.

Make Sure the Data Company Can Scale with Your Business

You want to work with a firm that can scale as your business grows. The vendor should be able to provide data that’s more difficult to generate when the need arises so that you’re not forced to go looking for another data company.

Why Choose Us

Looking for financial data service providers industry? Search no further than us. When your analytics are powered with our alternative data, you’ll gain in-depth insights into tech trends, brand sentiment, and prevailing market conditions. In addition to our unbeaten wealth of enriched data, we take a consultative approach that enables you to get maximum value from our alternative data.

Access Actionable Alternative Data

As a premier financial data provider, our data enrichment process gives you more time to deliver actionable strategies. With us at CloudQuant, you can quickly access simplified data and gain insights faster. , you’ll get your data-driven projects up and running in no time and keep track of market changes. Consequently, you’ll be able to utilize current data to identify the best investment opportunities. Schedule a demo:

Financial Data Provider
Financial Data Provider
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