High Performance Ford Transmissions

High Performance Ford Transmissions

High performance Ford transmissions upgrade your vehicle to another gear. Gearstar transmissions get your car ready for the track and road. Whether you ride through the mountains or need every second to count, our transmissions are built to fly.

Is my stock transmission high performance?

Many Ford vehicles offer high powered Ford transmissions. The Mustang comes with 310 horsepower and six to ten speeds. While the car comes with performance parts, there are upgrades that take your automobile to an entirely other level.

Coolers, high quality parts, and precise machining create a smooth and seamless transition. We provide level two, three, and four transmissions for Ford cars.

What level transmission do I need?

Gearstar offers levels two, three, and four transmissions. These levels power high-performance vehicles. Our precision quality-tested four-level transmission is perfect for mud trucks, drag, racers, and weekend bracket racers.

Even a two-level transmission can bring you the performance you desire. This quality part handles up to 400 horsepower with ease. That is enough to handle your average track car. Our highest-level transmission takes on 700 horsepower.

What is a level four Ford racing transmission?

The level four transmission from Gearstar is the cream of the crop. With 600 foot-pounds of torque, the capacity to handle 700 horsepower, and carbon fiber composition are made to handle the needs of quick-shifting hard-charging vehicles.

Our 300M hardened intermediate hardened shaft can take a beating. There is nothing worse than a blown transmission on the track. We manufacture our parts to the highest standards so that you worry less and win more.

Is a level two transmission made for racing?

A 20,000 GVW cooler with and extra capacity servo are made to handle the heat of competition. A high-capacity four plate intermediary clutch shaves seconds off your time. We offer a Lokar throttle pressure system and Brackett assembly at no additional cost.

Most rally cars and weekend track vehicles operate at under the four hundred horsepower maximum capacity of this transmission. This is one of the most common Ford racing transmissions in the world, embedded in some of most classic cars.

Powerful transmission rebuilds

Transmission rebuilds are the same as transmission overhauls. This is a chance to upgrade your car to a higher level. Even if you are replacing your current transmission, Gearstar is often a better option.

We build every transmission to high standards. Get your Fiesta, Mustang, truck, or drag racer ready for the weekend. Even the new Bronco benefits from an overhaul.

High Performance Ford Transmissions

High performance Ford transmissions from Gearstar are track-ready. We inspect every part with a high level of scrutiny. Rebuild your engine with peace of mind. Our rebuilt transmissions are race-ready.

Gearstar aims for performance. Our Ford technicians in Akron Ohio create some of the most powerful aftermarket transmissions. Turn your classic Mustang into a true track car, your Bronco into an unmatched off-roader, and your drag racer into a head-turner.

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High Performance Ford Transmissions

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